MEGA Board

2021 – 2022 Board Members

President: Brian Acosta

Brian Acosta is a 2nd year PhD student advised by Dr. Michael Posa. His research is focused on control algorithms for bipedal robots.

Vice president: Konstantinos Garyfallogiannis

Konstantinos is a 3rd year PhD student advised by Dr. Prashant Purohit and Dr. John Bassani . His research focuses on the fracture of hydrogels, with special interest on biological materials.

Treasurer: Jessica Yin

Jessica is a 2nd year PhD student advised by Dr. James Pikul and Dr. Mark Yim. Her research focuses on sensing for soft robots.

Secretary: Yasaman Moharrer

Yasaman is a 2nd year PhD student working with Dr. Joel Boerckel. Her research focuses on understanding the effect of mechanical stimulation on osteogenesis during embryonic skeletal development.

Student Liaison: Victoria (Torrie) Edwards

Torrie is a 2nd year PhD student working with Dr. Ani Hsieh. Her research focuses on understanding collaborative behavior and scale in heterogeneous robotic teams.

GSEG Representative: Elizabeth (Bibit) Bianchini

Bibit is a 2nd year PhD student advised by Dr. Michael Posa and Dr. Dan Koditschek. Her research focuses on learning dynamics and control for robotic systems through contact.

GSEG Representative: Shyam Sankaran

Shyam is a 2nd year PhD student working with Dr. Paris Perdikaris. His research focuses on physics-informed machine learning.

Master’s Student Representative: Tsering Dolma

Tsering is a 1st year Master’s student studying mechanical engineering and applied mechanics.

For a list of previous MEGA board members click here.

Board position descriptions

President: Leads MEGA in voice and spirit, the point person between grad students and the head of MEAM department, works to secure extra funding from MEAM for MEGA, dots the i’s and crosses the t’s of any MEGA actions. This is a one-year job until next September, please make sure you and your team can still organize events during summer.

Vice President: General consulting and opinion making, steps up if/when the president is unable to fulfill the duties of the office.

Treasurer: The money person, takes receipts to GSEG treasurer for reimbursement.

GSEG Representative: Once a month meets with the general GSEG board, receives funding for events, general point person between MEGA and GSEG.

Secretary: Logistics person. Maintain a record of MEGA events and individuals tasks throughout the semester. Update and maintain MEGA website.

MEGA Student liaison: Hosts visiting students during coffee hour. Connects prospective students to current students.